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Monday, June 2, 2008

Pic of my latest FO-- Jay Bee's Kueyon Kozy!

This is a test... I hope it works! I've been wanting to post a WIP picture, and this is perfect because the yarn is Noro Kureyon #40 (some call it electric, but I think its exactly like a male Peacock tail feather! It's GORGEOUS one of my fave shades of Noro!) Wow it's taking a long time to post... While I'm waiting I'll give a little background info about this piece. I was emailing my BFF Jay Bee back and forth over the winter, the lovely gal got her own apartment, and was living the single life... and mentioned she didn't have a teapot. I was flabbergasted! I mean, she is British, how in the world are you British and not own a teapot? So, since she told me she was engaged, I thought: presto. Perfect wedding gift. She tied the knot in December and I found a lovely teapot, sugar bowl and creamer set. It's one of those "vintage" Kelloggs ones"

which I think was the cornflakes slogan for quite a while.
It was very quirky, very Jay Bee. Plus, I have never sent that dear girl (or her boys-- they've been added to the list) a gift EVER. Which, I'm not ashamed to admit, is embarrassing and simply wrong. I've known her since I was 11! MOST of my life now! :)
Anyway, the tea cozy was done in time until I was finishing it up and was mortified to discover I had accidentally dropped two stitches waaaay below by the base. Ick, how did that happen??!?
So, I frogged and months later came around to re-do. Or rather re-knit. Now, I am on side #2 with no major calamities. I'm actually starting to imagine this cozy insulating my friends teapot. I'm also imagining knitting these up for everyone I know who owns a teapot, :)
Let me try to add the pics of this very very early on:

I think it worked... LOL!!! Well I can see them so I hope so, hehehee!! I actually finished it and will post a FO pic soon!! I'm going to make myself one also, and embroider the words "knitty" on the front... for a secret project that I hope will be as successful as I'm hoping/dreaming. Anyway, the tea cozy was a success and now I'm onto other Noro projects... I did a Booga bag for example, but ran out of yarn for the strap because I did a reinforced base.. more on that later. For now I'll post this or it will never be!