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Friday, July 3, 2009


Well today was a sad day in our house.

My mother, sister and three of my brothers moved back to Jordan, permanently.
I am glad that they will be living where it is best for them right now, and am also happy that my nieces and nephews who haven't seen us in ten years will finally have my family in their young lives again.
I am happy that my mother will be bale to attend her oldest granddaughter's wedding, and her oldest grandson's too, inshaallah (God willing).
But I am sad because only God knows when I will see them again. I pray it is soon, and I am glad I got to see her on webcam yesterday, and my brothers, too. My sister was acting camera shy, ^_^

My oldest son, who is almost 6, felt just as sad as me, and wants to write cards to them and send them artwork. He really likes to draw now, mashaallah. It didn't occur to me that drawing also builds fine motor skills, just like writing, and his writing will improve as a result.
See, for the longest time we were stuck in this vicious cycle of him refusing to write anything at all, because one of his teachers at weekend school told him he is "not good" at writing. So he would be sad and bow his head and say, "I'm not good." Which I found heartbreaking!
He would try at times to write stuff but never a full page, and only with heavy praise and cheering-on.
Then, in Rebecca Rupp's awesome book, "How to Get Started on Home Learning", she mentions in her journal entries that her sons are always drawing as a part of their schoolwork. No matter what the topic or lesson was that day, camels, water, teeth, electricity, her sons would draw pictures to go with it. So I thought, Hey that's a great ideeer! And got him construction paper and pulled out our former baby wipes box of drawing implements. It's really helped a LOT!
A fun way for him to do copywork is with an illustrated dictionary. I have him copy out the entire page, including the pictures, and he loves it alhamdulillah.

Oh another thing that got him motivated to draw and well, write, (that's my ulterior motive) was to get him and his best friend scrapbooks to fill up and exchange at the end of the summer. Its actually My very Special Scrap Book based on Eric Carle's books and has a lot of awesome stickers (that I am eyeing for making bookmarks), as well as dedicted pages with fill in the blanks. Such as "My name is...... I am .... years old. I like to ..... I have .... brothers and sisters. My favorite color is...." etc.
So far he has filled a few pages, and some of the drawings are so precious and insightful, I am having second thoughts about sending it off when its full! The hubbs suggested I scan it, but its not the same. I can't wait to see his best friend's, too!
The best friend moved away, so this will be extra-special. We (the moms) are hoping the boys will start a correspondence. I think this is a great idea. I still correspond with my first correspondent, Ala Jibaly.

Well, I guess this is enough. My intention was to complain about expensive yarn, but right now there are WAY more important and weighty things on my mind.