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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Seen & Heard Thursday

In order to get myself more into my blog, I think one day a week I will devote to posting something I saw, heard, or read that provoked my thoughts or caused a reaction from me.

This weeks has to be this little note I saw on the back of one of my kid's schoolwork sheets that he did in class:

"It smells like $*it by that girl."

Who would write such a note, and to whom? Judging by the handwriting, no preschool aged child wrote it. It must have been a teacher/teacher's aide?
The tone does assume a younger person wrote it. But why? I mean, what's the point? And who was she writing to? I know enough to say she probably didn't write the note to the teacher. The age gap is too great for them to have that kind of relationship.

I know, this is a complete waste of time. But I keep wondering about it every time I see that worksheet on the fridge. I am also grateful my son can't read yet, and is not curious enough to notice it and ask me what it says. ^_^