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Friday, October 19, 2007

News, New Skills & Discoveries

In the past month or so, I finally mastered double-pointed needles, commonly known as DPNs. What motivated me to learn was the Basic Mittens pattern in "Knitting for Peace" by Betty Christiansen. Amazing book, its been a vital tool in my quest to start my own knitting-for-peace/charity-knitting group.

I am going to start such a group, for a sad and desolate group of people who, as far as I know right now, no one has bothered to pick up the needles and knit for. I hope to have something going early next year. So far, I've just been telling friends about the idea, and reading, researching, and knitting. I want it to be like Afghans for Afghans and The Dulaan Project.

A couple friends voiced their desire to help this cause, and one went so far as to buy a little "Learn to Knit" kit from Peace Fleece, and is now fast becoming a knitter. I'm hoping to see her this weekend and will give her handiwork a once over, and teach her how to cast on. Her mom did that step for her, and it was a disaster, since she is not a knitter!
I hope more of my friends pick up their needles for a worthy cause as this.

I also learned how to do i-cord! Discovered the 'i' stood for 'idiot' and was doubly ashamed at my slowness and stupidity in learning it. The one thing that helped was the free knitting videos on http://www.knittinghelp.com/. I still have to thank that wonderful lady for filling the role of the knitting teacher that was acutely missing from my life! I am passing on the link to others, and will email her sometime this weekend to thank her for her efforts.

What else, what else...?? Still working on Niece's blanket! LOL! It's never going to be done, and now I'm really not sure I like it as I once did, because lately I've learned the truth about Vile Acrylic yarn... :(
Anyway, I better publish this or it will never be!

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