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Saturday, March 28, 2009

So... here we are

Wow, its been way too long since I posted here.

Changes. Been making some changes, including a major on the overall content of this blog. I want it to be more than just a knitting & crochet blog. I will use it more to talk about my views on whatever, things I have found interesting on the web, and of course knitting and crochet. My life in general I suppose. Online journal, then? Maybe that's stretching it. Or, maybe we should just leave it at, "whatever is on my mind that day that I feel the need to share with the world". Yeah, that sounds about right.

Well, the other Big Change that I should update on was the Major Move from the South East Coast to the (sort of) South West Coast. It took a while to adjust, and an even longer while to get a new routine and to make friends. This last part is always the hardest, due to my innate lack of confidence, haha. I'm sure all "newcomers" feel this to some degree!
So it took a few months to meet people and make friends. It was through a wonderful girl who I met at the masjid that I met the entire group of girls who I now consider, for the most part, great friends. Alhamdulillah! I feel right at home now, and so does the rest of my family.
Z, my 5 year old, does not want to go back to Florida. Only to visit my younger brother who still lives there. (Who, by the way, is the Last Remaining Outpost, haha! My entire immediate family lived very long in Florida, and now we've all left but him. If you're reading this, Adel, PLEASE COME HERE! I think you would love it.) Anyway... yeah so Z also refers to Florida and "Expensive Florida", which I found so hilarious the first time I heard him say that. I laughed silently, because he was very serious when he asked me a question about "Expensive Florida"... pertaining to a toy or book we left behind, but I laughed loudly at the memory when I was alone.

The Community here is a nice change, too. Very active, and following the right methodology as far as I can tell, and that makes us really happy. Z is in weekend school on Sunday, for about 4.5 hours, then gets Quran tutoring after that for about 35. hours, alhamdulillah.
I love going to our Halaqa (religious study circle) once a week. After the religious study we eat and just socialize. The kids get to play; its really cozy alhamdulillah. I also joined the Sac Muslim Moms group, and have attended every play date (they're monthly) so far. Its a nice way to get the kids some more socialization, and me too!
Then we have Story Time once a week at the library. The librarian reads a couple stories, and plays a couple games with using the feltboard too (which I really want to make for us to use in homeschooling) and then she does an arts and crafts activity. The kids love it! They get to see their new best friends, also homeschoolers, mashaallah. This family also has all boys, and the oldest 2 are close in age to my oldest two. Baby just tags along. Actually Baby plays a lot with their second child, as both are second children aren't really sociable or at the stage when they interact with their peers a lot.

Anyway, time is escaping me, so I will end this here and will post again soon, as I have to lament my current crisis, which is the cost of good yarn these days.

Til then...

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momo said...

Thank you for lots of comments, Beeba! I wish I could make things like you. Last time I knit was about 20 years ago!!!