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Thursday, November 16, 2006

Coming along nicely!

I've been working at the bedspread/afghan and its coming along really well! I think that I really will accomplish the impossible and FINISH it once and for all! Hopefully... I think the last skein of Red Heart that I got, the light sage, should last through to the end. Let's hope so!

I was so peeved when I discovered that Red Heart discontinued the Medium Sage; seems this always happens to me with nearly every afghan I make. I made a chevron/ripple afghan years ago for my brother who is turning 14, and it has two different shades of purple, and two or three different shades of teal green in there, too. So disappointing, not being able to buy all the yarn you need at once.

I hope I can run out to Michael's or Jo-Ann's and get the rest of the Sugar N Cream to complete at least one of the kitchen rugs before I have company over Sunday. Its also a chevron/ripple pattern, made by House of White Birches. It's a two-strand pattern for durability, and I decided to make one strand acrylic and the other cotton, so the acrylic would help keep its shape. It worked up amazingly fast, and I am thrilled with the results... now if only I had the yarn to finish it! And then do the second one, too!

I'm experimenting with the Link feature above-- hope it works right! I wonder how they have links that read like phrases, not the "http" stuff...

I was thinking ahead today and realized I have so many unfinished/abandoned projects that I will likely not be participating in my local ladies group craft fair/flea market coming up December 2nd. Bummer. I also have a ton of gifts for my nieces and nephews abroad. I hope I can do it all, on top pf my other responsibilities and chores!

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