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Saturday, October 11, 2008


Well, we're going to be moving to Nothern California next month.
Yes, I'm freaking out because I have a whole house of stuff to get rid of, not to mention a couple tubs of icky acrylic and another tub full of crochet thread. I am listing diligently on Ebay again, patterns I dont need or want or am just never going to make so why keep lugging them around?

I have a few ideas floating around for doll clothing patterns, if I do make up some patterns I'll sell them via Etsy in PDF form. Or, alternatively, I'll do a website like Anna's Mochimochiland.org, where the dolls will model and I'll take pics of them, then have the pattern for sale in the shop.

I also have an idea to do an eBook tutorial on a technique that I've never seen that I'm hoping/hopeful other crocheters and knitters would benefit from.

On the needles right now: the Great Wall of Noro/kureyon; Looper's tail; and I'm going to frog Saartje's booties and redo them the seamless way, plus there was an error in the pattern and they came out all wrong. :(

Sorry for the short post and for not posting regularly!

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